18th Annual Congress & History Conference

Radcliffe Institute of Advanced Studies, Harvard University, June 13-14th, 2019


The Congress & History Conference was initially conceived by Professor Ira Katznelson (Columbia University) and Professor Gregory Wawro (Columbia University) as a way to bring scholars of Congress from different backgrounds, perspectives, and cohorts together to pose and answer key questions about the historical evolution and development of Congress.   Participants are encouraged to use multiple methodological approaches in their research - from narrative case studies to quantitative analyses to formal models - and to expand the range of historical information that is available for scholarly use.   The broad goal of the conference is to encourage discussion and debate among scholars that might not otherwise cross intellectual paths.  

Since the first conference was held in 2002 at Columbia University, scholars in American Political Development, Congress, and History have been coming together to create a deeper understanding of the historical evolution of American politics through the lens of the American Congress.


Daniel Carpenter, Harvard University

Charles Stewart III, MIT